Poster Marketing Tips For Your Flower Shop

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By Merlina Palencia

An effective way of promoting your flower shop is poster printing. When designed carefully, these prints are great for stimulating the customer’s interest. They actually work much like billboard spaces.

Many people can see your ads which make it possible to expand your client base. But, unlike those giant ad spaces, posters are cheaper and can be printed with fast turnaround even in large volumes. Thus, you get wider distribution without spending too much. Just perfect for advertising your floral shop.

Design Tips for Flower Shop Posters

  • Flower Inspiration. Look around your flower shop and you will see that you have just the right inspiration for your prints – flowers. Use these flowers as the main theme of your copy. It is usually better to push for the less popular variety. If you can, hire a professional photographer to take a great photo of the flower or flower arrangements to make them more appealing. Then, in your text, explain the significance of these flowers. Give your customers reasons why they should buy such variety and why they should get orders from you.
  •  Anime Inspiration. Make your floral poster more fun by getting design inspiration from animation characters. You can also get inspiration from gaming characters.
  • Movie Inspiration. Another design inspiration that you can use is settings from movies. Look for movies that have stories involving flowers or even a scene that have pretty flowers in it. Or if you’re not into that idea, you can recreate a scene from any movie you like and then add your flower arrangements and business tagline. You can ask a professional graphic artist for this.
  • Art Inspiration. There have been lots of paintings and artworks in the past that uses flowers as the main theme. You can replicate a specific artwork you like and then add you flower shop’s name, tagline and your contact information.

Flowerposter2There are actually lots of inspiration that you can use as themes for your poster prints. You just have to use your imagination and be creative. You can also get ideas from your friends and relatives. Just always keep in mind that your prints should capture the attention of the readers to make them read what your advertisement is all about. It also pays to have your copies printed only by reliable printer.


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