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May 10

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By Doreen Mary

It need not be an expensive project to do your own DIY flower arranging for a wedding and you do not have to be an expert to make a church look fabulous for the big day.

Some of the best wedding flower arrangements are very simple and do not require many flowers.

The bride and bridesmaids flowers are better made by a florist bFlower6ut the church can be made to look fantastic by anyone with just a basic knowledge of flower arranging. I have done it!

Doing a DIY flower arrangement makes it so much cheaper and can be done by a group of friends helping out another friend on their wedding day.

Firstly you need to visit the venue where the wedding is to take place and decide what is required i.e. pedestal in the entrance, pew ends, pedestal and flowers on the altar, and last but not least windowsills.

Next comes the colour scheme. This could depend on the time of year and the bride’s preference. Maybe green, white and yellow for spring, pink and cream for summer and the darker reds and orange for autumn and winter.

I always think decorating pew ends is very effective and they are very simple to do.

Here are some simple ideas to give that WOW factor to any DIY wedding flower arrangement:

Buy little plastic containers shaped like shovels from the garden centre, fasten in a piece of wet oasis and arrange your flowers. These are of course quite small but a little trail of ivy or ribbon really finishes them off.

They can then be attached to the pew by threading ribbon through the handle of the container and tying it on.

Spray carnations are a good flower to use for this type of DIY wedding arrangement as they are small, cost-effective and with a little gypsophila look good.

Flower7Pedestals are easy to do. Just use a bigger piece of oasis, a bigger container and bigger flowers!

Lilies, spray chrysanths, carnations are very useful here because they fill the spaces quickly and last well.

Window sills are my favourite. A long container is required and a whole block of oasis. Insert flowers and foliage and the arrangement can be as wide as the sill if you wish by putting in foliage at each end horizontally.

When your work is finished just one more thing to do to make that extra special effort for any DIY flower arrangement for a wedding – spray each arrangement with cold water to keep fresh.

You will be amazed at the result and what fun you have had doing it.

Why not have a go at doing your own wedding flower arrangements. It is very rewarding, great fun and not only that you will save yourself a fortune. Discover how from an expert: WEDDING FLOWER ARRANGING

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